Posted time 19 de July de 2023 Location Barcelona Job type Full-time
  • Startup presentation: This amazing startup empowers individuals to effortlessly reduce their carbon footprint and create a lasting positive impact on the environment, their health, and their community. By facilitating land sharing initiatives, they connect users who have available land with those who seek space for sustainable practices such as urban farming, community gardens, and reforestation projects. This unique feature fosters collaboration, promotes local resilience, and maximizes the use of land resources for sustainable initiatives. With the newly developed app, users not only make sustainable living easy, informative, and rewarding, but also actively contribute to land stewardship and community-driven environmental projects worldwide. In addition, this feature helps lower the cost of starting a sustainable project by providing access to land resources and shared expenses, making it more affordable and accessible for individuals to kickstart their eco-friendly endeavors
  • Functions principals: We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Chief Operating Offices (COO) to join and help drive growth and success. The COO will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's operations, including strategy implementation, product development, marketing, sales, customer services and ensuring law and regulations. The daily activities are, but not limited to: - Develop and execute a comprehensive operations strategy that aligns with the company's overalls goals and vision. - Oversee product development marketing sales, and customer service ensuring that each department is operating efficiently and effectively. - Lead project management to build and finalize the MVP. - Manage the company's budget and resources, and ensure that financial goals are met. ( project budgeting, accounting, planning). - Identify key metrics for traction model and monitor performance. - Monitor industry trends and developments and identify market opportunities for growth and innovation. - Develop and manage relationships with key partners and stakeholders including customers, vendors, investors, and regulatory agencies. - Ensuring law and regulation compliance.
  • Labor proyection: It is important to understand that as the company is at an early stage the COO will join based on a phased approach and the COO remuneration is based on equity. The equity will increase as the hours and responsibilities increase every year and is related to a variety of business milestones and goals.
  • Academic training: University degree, similar or higher. Bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or related field.
  • Abilities/Secondary training: ABILITIES TESTS Abilities tests will be carried out during the selection process with the aim of discovering your full potential beyond the CV.
  • Languages: Main language: Spanish or English.
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