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Why found a startup?

Personally, founding a startup is about creating a positive impact, building the economy and creating jobs in the market. Sustainability, planetary and mental health have been my core values that drive me everyday to grow Planteka. Planetary and mental health through plants and community, to be specific.

What can you contribute when founding a startup?

As an ideator and relator, I thrive on creative ideas and providing solutions. Coming from a marketing, sales and business development background in corporates and startups, building and communicating the value proposition has been my strength to make successful conversions of business opportunities. As an engineer, my analytical skills help me keep the budgets in check and forecast accurately for a thriving and practical financial future.


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Personal presentation

Hello, I am Sanitha. Founder at Planteka. An entrepreneur in love with plants and nature, and our relationship with them as human beings. Deeply moved by creativity, I am also into photography.

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An ideator, relator and connector: I enjoy connecting people through shared values. At Planteka, we envision to bring positive impact for the individual self and the planet, by building a community connected by plants.

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Gardening, Community, Marketplace

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Planteka is the community and marketplace for plant parents. Plants, workshops, services: For plant parents, by plant parents.

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